It's striking how many holocaust witnesses invent efficiency measures - collapsible floors, chutes, tilting floors, conveyor belts... Even they realize that the holocaust story could only be plausible if the Germans had a technically efficient system, not the absurd ramshackle system that holocaust "scholars" try to fob off on us.
- Friedrich Jansson
Democracy is like God: you're supposed to believe in it, but nobody can tell you what it is, where it is, or how it works.
- Carlos W. Porter

Winning the War on the Homefront

From a book without a title (I have 19 chapters of it):

A Gallup poll taken in both England and the United States, during World War II, revealed startling differences of American and British attitudes towards war. When the British were asked which country was making the greatest contribution towards winning the war, they placed the Russians first with 50 percent, then Britain with 42 percent, China with 5 percent and lastly the United States with 3 percent. The American response placed the United States first with 55 percent, then Russia with 32 percent, Britain with 9 percent and lastly China with 4 percent.

Almost forty years after the end of World War II a woman who served as a nurse remembered the Pasadena of the war years somewhat differently. She thought of the town as an elite community where they had no idea that there was a war until the hospital came. After the hotel was requisitioned for use as a convalescent hospital, the patients, most of whom had plastic surgery, were taken for walks in downtown Pasadena. Their appearance so revolted the good citizenry of Pasadena that they were stared at openly on the streets. The upper crust of Pasadena then took to writing letters to the local newspaper where they complained bitterly about having to see maimed servicemen on the streets and suggested that the patients be confined to the grounds of the hotel so that they would not be seen in public. The nurse remembered how the patients would show the letters to the nurses and as well as they could, joke about them.

Not much has changed! The mentality is still the same.

Sohn Kee-chung – Winner of the 1936 Olympic Marathon in Berlin

During the 1996 US Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a reporter from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (the largest newspaper in today’s Germany) interviewed Sohn Kee-chung, the winner of the 1936 Olympic Marathon in Berlin. Mr Kee-chung, a Korean, competed for Japan who occupied Korea at that time. The journalist asked Mr Kee-chung: “Were you unhappy having to compete in Berlin in 1936 on behalf of Japan?”


The Gold medal-winner answered: “No, I really don’t want to talk about politics. After my victory German soldiers filled my bed with roses. I asked, after the victory, the delegate of the Japanese Olympic Committee if he could arrange a meeting between me and Adolf Hitler. Hitler came from honourable’s tribune down to me, that was a great honour for me. He gave me a handshake, I remember how large his hands were. I brought with me six photos of him and he signed them all. He believed I was a Japanese and said I should do something for the youth in Japan when I got back home. . I said, I won because the people along the route cheer at me. Hitler smiled at me and gave me a tap on my shoulders.”

I hope immigrants in Sweden rape you and your country.
- j-v-2 in #taunet, founder of
Whenever one "bogeyman" is downed [by USA] they invent another to take its place. From the beginning of the 20th Century it was the Kaiser and Prussianism, then Communists, then Nazis and Japs, then Communists again, then Islamists, then...? My bet it will be the Chinese next. All wars are planned for, prepared for, and then executed.
- Rollo the Ganger, RODOH Forum
On the "Great Holocaust" patchwork ideology; whoever maintains it must patch it daily for it to be believable -- the repair work is done on a need-to-need basis and requires only slyness and agility in lying.
- k0nsl
I am grateful to Mr Chamberlain for all his efforts. I have assured him that the German people desires nothing else than peace, but I have also told him that I cannot go back behind the limits set to our patience. I have further assured him, and I repeat it here, that when this problem is solved there is for Germany no further territorial problem in Europe. And I have further assured him that at the moment when Czechoslovakia solves her problems, that means when the Czechs have come to terms with their other minorities, and that peaceably and not through oppression, then I have no further interest in the Czech state. And that is guaranteed to him! We want no Czechs! But in the same way I desire to state before the German people that with regard to the problem of the Sudeten Germans my patience is now at an end! I have made Mr Benes an offer which is nothing but the carrying into effect of what he himself has promised. The decision now lies in his hands: Peace or War! He will either accept this offer and now at last give to the Germans their freedom or we will go and fetch this freedom for ourselves.
- Adolf Hitler in Berlin, September 26, 1938
You say nazi and k0nsl's computer starts to ring bells.
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