‘I feel hopeless and not sure what I want to do with my life’

Has anyone from the HN community served in the military? if so what are the pros and cons of joining? I’m only 21 and at this stage of my life I feel hopeless and not sure what I want to do with my life. I enjoy programming but sometimes I get distracted and bored easily siting and programming all day I guess I need some kind of adventure or challenge I feel like I want to help others in a way that changes their life.

Source: Ask HN: Joining the Military?

Don’t join the army, particularly if you’re an American. They’ve caused enough issues in the world. The world would be a much better place if nobody joined the American army.

Typically a discussion on this subject may look somewhat like this:

Somebody: If nobody joined the American army the world would be a much better place.


Somebody: Yeah, but what about ours?

I would be terrified to be a Jew in this day and age. When the world finds out what this tribe of miscreants has done to humanity over time, it won’t go well for them. I feel sorry for them. They have to cover up the truth in order to continue to survive.
- John Kaminski

‘Dushegubka’ – mobile gas chamber

Now you know who invented the ‘mobile gas chamber’ nonsense. As you probably know, the Germans were accused of liquidating tens of thousands of people (most of them Jews) in ‘mobile gas chambers’. This is for the most part claimed to have been done with diesel exhaust (which contains very little carbon monoxide, and not with petrol (which is highly toxic). As story tellers they do a good job, but matching their stories with rational thought and logic always crushes their dinky winky lies.

‘Holocaust History News is a Holocaust denial site’

Just so you are aware, Holocaust History News is a Holocaust denial site. It’s supposed to look “official” to lure in the casual reader with their outright lies. So no. There is no truth to it.


This Bernardito, who is moderator in /r/AskHistorians at Reddit, fails to list even one “outright lie”. The person insinuates that there are several since he speaks in plural.  The topic of discussion was my document titled THE JEWS DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY (IN 1933) and to my knowledge there is not a single error in this particular document.

Bernardito (could this be the infamous Bernard from ‘Holocaust Controversies’?) bumbles on and goes on to say this:

Regarding the quotes: Usually, in a site like this, they’re either taken out of context or purely fabricated. For example, the David A. Brown quote can apparently only be sourced from an anti-semitic book.


This is generalization without substantiation of statement. Also, just because an alleged ‘anti-Semitic’ book has the quote does not make the source or the quote itself invalid. This sort of argumentation is at the most childish.


Source: http://knsl.net/28019

Israel was behind JFK assassination

An American political commentator (Dr. Kevin Barrett) says Israel was behind the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy because he opposed Israel’s plans of becoming a nuclear power in the Middle East.

“Anyone with any common sense knows that Israel getting nuclear weapons was a complete disaster for the world,” he said.

“The Israelis are fanatical extremists who feel that they are being persecuted everywhere they go and they have to be extremely harsh, unyielding and aggressive as well as deceptive and violent with the world. So they have a terrible track record of extreme deception, lies and extreme violence. They are ruthless, they are psychopathic and they are the most likely…to use nuclear weapons,” Barrett added.

“President Kennedy like President Eisenhower and all rational Americans obviously wouldn’t want Israel to have nuclear weapons. Kennedy tried to shut down the Israeli nuclear program. [Former Israeli Prime Minister David] David Ben-Gurion resigned in protest and less than six months later Kennedy was dead and Israel was on its way to becoming a nuclear power,” he stated.

Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/11/25/336516/israel-was-behind-jfk-assassination/

Just because something someone said doesn't fit perfectly with your own beliefs, doesn't give you the right to silence them. It will only highlight their cause more, undermine your own and exacerbate any conflict.
- Chris Ivens
He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
- Immanuel Kant
It is hard to separate man from art in this case. Is there part of me that wishes George would have used such patience and, let's be honest, just one ounce of creativity and depth as President rather than exhibiting a surface-level thinking at that time? Yes. But then again, if his creative thinking and talent led us to a man who deep inside wanted to paint fouth-grade level doggy portraits, well, maybe we got the best of him in office. And yet again, good for him for going through what appears to be a cat period, too. I feel like this art is an accident that the world had to see. I don't see much interesting skill to note.
- Evan Pricco on George W. Bush's art
I'll tell you that I was not as scared during the dark time when the Germans occupied the country as I am today.
- Randi Danielsen to Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen

Another Day, Another Mental Midget Pwned

Another Day, Another Mental Midget Pwned
Another Day, Another Mental Midget Pwned
Another Day, Another Mental Midget Pwned
Another Day, Another Mental Midget Pwned

Now, here Digerati is proven wrong a second time:

Note: Digerati said (verbatim) “If you can show me where on the site it says that, I’d gladly admit I’m wrong”. He never did.

For background information on ‘Digerati’ (Ryan Goldstein), see: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/20/rise_and_fall_of_digerati/