Treblinka – A transit camp

For those interested in the Treblinka transit camp should probably want to read Richard Glazar’s story regarding his stint at Treblinka. Glazar inadvertently let the “cat out of the bag” when he said in his interview:

La: “The people from your transport?”
Gl: “Those weren’t the belongings from that transport, the one we came with. But on one place I saw piled up suitcases with the letter Bs, Bt …, transports which preceded ours and went further to the East.”

Yes… “…went further to the East.”
Glazar was held back at Treblinka to do labor duty at the camp while the rest of the people “…went further to the East.”.

[NOTE: This information comes from Rollo “The Ganger”]

To understand “The Holocaust”, one needs to throw common sense and logic overboard, disregard standard procedure and just Believe, always Believe. What we have is not based on reports compiled by experts in the field of crime investigations, on-site forensics, etc. What we do have instead are witness testimonies, as well as some selected documents. The documents however must be interpreted in a special way. First, one must believe that “The Holocaust” has happened, and only then one can understand what is written. The Wannsee protocol is a good example. Even if taken at face value -- an insult -- it tells us nothing.
- Wilfried Heink
k0nsl comes in and slams Roberto's deflection by offering to provide proof of Andrew Mathis misuse of RODOH IP addresses from his archives of old RODOH material.
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The extent to which one can expect anything of interest coming from k0nsl is exactly none.
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In the evening she [Hanna Reitsch] put the Goebbels children to bed. Eva Braun kept her company. Their mother hardly had the strength to face her children with composure now. Every meeting with them made her feel so terrible that she would burst into tears afterwards.
- Hitler’s Last Secretary,Traudl Junge, p.174
If she was so evil as you believe why did she repeatedly tell Ms. Fenelon 'Stirb nicht!'? The murdered Irma Grese will slowly but ever so irreversibly become rehabilitated - the lies will be heaped into the dustbin of history. Ms. Grese does not deserve these hateful lies.
- Malle, (Beautiful Beast, True Crime Diary)
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