Bigot: One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion that you do not entertain.
- Ambrose Bierce
"Hasty" chiseling might just mean that the SS did the job themselves or with unqualified inmate labor. [EDITOR'S NOTE: on account of building an alleged 'gas chamber', would the SS really use people who are not qualified to make a 'gas chamber' -- especially inmates -- for this sort of work? Hardly.]
- Roberto Muehlenkamp, Holocaust Controversies
The Soviet figure for shoes is credible.
- Roberto Muehlenkamp, Holocaust Controversies
Homosexuality only thrives in decaying civilizations; therefore, I am not very surprised to find America leading from the front in the worldwide campaign to enforce homosexual weddings in Europe and North America, and the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and resulting increases in HIV/AIDS infections in developing nations. I can now understand why our ancestors killed them without giving it a second thought.
- Depth Check
Hitler, to me, was always a completely normal person. He spoke completely normally to me. I lived together with him for five years. I only knew him as a wonderfully good boss, right? I could talk with him. He was always satisfied with us.
- Rochus Misch, interview
Having science and logic on your side works wonders against superstition & propaganda.
- Hannover, CODOH Forum
Either we stand together, or we'll hang separately.
- Thomas Jefferson
On the evening of 19 April we were sitting by the hearth. For once everyone was there. It was the same as usual. Hitler talked at length about his beloved Blondi. She was allowed to join the company, and as a dog lover myself I was really delighted to see how clever she was. Hitler played all kinds of little games with her. He got her to beg, and ‘be a schoolgirl’, which meant getting up on her hind legs and putting both front paws on the arm of Hitler’s chair, like a good school pupil. Her best turn was singing. Hitler would tell her, in his kindest, most coaxing voice, ‘sing Blondi!’ and then he struck up a long drawn-out howl himself. She joined in the high notes, and the more Hitler praised her the louder she sang. Sometimes her voice rose too high, and then Hitler said, ‘Sing lower, Blondi, sing like Zara Leander!’ Then she gave a long, low howl like the wolf who was certainly among her ancestors. She was given three little pieces of cake every evening, and when Hitler raised three fingers of his hand she knew at once that she was about to get her evening treat.
- Hitler’s Last Secretary, Traudl Junge, p.92